Portrait image of world famous techno DJ Boris
Boris, the long-standing Berghain resident, is deeply committed to the captivating magic that unfolds on the dance floor. This burning passion within him sparks a longing to shape, tease and playfully amplify the intensity of the dance floor action. With over two decades of experience as a producer for the likes of Ostgut Ton and Careless and as a DJ, he remains an unwavering, yet never predictable, mainstay.
Renowned for his extended, scorching techno closing sets, Boris is one of the most well-versed and dedicated protagonists in Berlin's vibrant queer electronic scene. However, to pigeonhole Boris only to Berlin would be doing him a disservice. In fact, his visits to legendary clubs like Paradise Garage and the Loft in New York City have left an indelible mark on his persona and DJ style.
Imagine the euphoric sounds that created a sense of belonging and ecstasy in Boris's heart while experiencing the massive pumping sound and welcoming community feeling at NYC's clubs. He brings this same warmth and playful energy to dance floors worldwide. His infectious style makes it effortless for clubbers to lose themselves in the music and partying, earning him a loyal following within the queer scene - and beyond.
Whether he's playing small, intimate clubs, festivals, or his prestigious residencies such as Berghain, Faust in Seoul, or House of Mince in Sydney, Boris has the gift to take people to another state of mind where nothing matters but the music and the moment.
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