Lúcia Lu
Meet Lúcia Lu, a true Berliner whose roots run deep in the city's vibrant underground scene. Raised amidst the eclectic beats and kaleidoscopic energy of Berlin, Lúcia's musical journey has been shaped by the city's boundless creativity and unyielding spirit. With a mission to share the essence of Berlin with the world, her infectious energy and magnetic presence have captivated audiences far and wide.
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lúcia's star rose to meteoric heights through Berlin's renowned livestream platform, Hör Berlin. With a versatile repertoire that spans hip hop, house, and techno, Lúcia's sonic explorations know no bounds.
Her electrifying performances transcended borders, propelling her onto stages across Europe, the US, Australia, and Asia.
Having traversed the globe, Lúcia's international journey has only deepened her appreciation for her hometown’s underground scene. Inspired by the high-energy techno of the 90s, she is on a quest to dive deeper into the genre's rich heritage blending rolling grooves and hypnotic melodies.
Join her on a sonic journey through the depths of techno as she crafts immersive experiences that transcend boundaries and connects souls on the dance floor, forging a path that is unmistakably her own.