Pablo Bozzi
Over the past couple years, it seems everyone has turned their gaze towards Pablo Bozzi. The Berlin-by-way-of-Toulouse producer and DJ has taken the club scene by storm with releases he’s coined Italo Body Music. The particular concoction of Italo Disco melodies overtop the brutality of an EBM beat—often a funky groove but with an edge—boast the precision of Bozzi’s productions that derive from his classical music background. If anything, Bozzi is prolific in his mastery of hybrid dance genres, most recently with the EPs
Ghost of Chance (Dischi Autunno) and Magnetisma (Bite Records), along with his first full-length album, Street Reign on Pinkman—each released in 2022. Additionally, his amped-up edits of new and old classics such as the Italo staple, “Feel the Drive,” by Doctor’s Cat and Boy Harsher’s most recent banger (soft crash edit), “Machina,” ignite dance floors all over the world.
Bozzi’s collaborations with other producers keep in the Italo Body Music spirit without veering off course. The project Soft Crash with Phase Fatale, presents a dark layer of moodiness with epic melodies that course through unforgiving strains of EBM basslines. INFRAVISION, Bozzi’s moniker alongside fellow Toulousian, Kendal, presents pop elements of 90s early trance into the fold, as demonstrated via their raucous Boiler Room Gdansk back-to-back DJ appearance.
But it is not only Bozzi’s productions that steal the show: his DJ sets are an exciting whirlwind of genres. The ebb and flow of his DJ performances race through a journey curated for dancers who want emotion in their club experience—built to cater to those who appreciate the twists and turns of elaborate musical storylines. From appearances at the renowned Panorama Bar / Laboratory , to his residencies at Tbilisi's Khidi Club (plus a Khidi Boiler Room) and Berlin’s streaming radio residency, HÖR, there’s no stopping his insatiable, high energy spectaculars. Pablo will launch his own imprint, Second Sight focused on showcasing new talents and friends.
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